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What we do

As an integrated service provider, Civil Solutions Consulting Group works closely with a diverse clientele from various sectors and regions across the public and private sectors. Our offerings are positioned to tackle challenges through industry best-practices, ingenuity, and technology, while prioritizing budget needs, project timelines, and efficiency.



Connecting and building strong communities is the mission of Civil Solutions. We work with clients by providing a comprehensive approach to their infrastructure projects, from conceptual design to fund sourcing and project closeout. Some of our infrastructure project experience includes survey, road, sidewalk and bike lane design, sewer design and rehabilitation, and stormwater management and drainage systems design.  

Program Management

CSGS’ skilled team direct projects through a creative, multi-pronged approach to planning, project implementation, and design in order to effectively lower environmental impact, reduce cost, and provide secure site management. We work collaboratively with client teams to ensure organizational expectations and needs are continuously addressed and met throughout the process. Our offerings cover but are not limited to the following: consultation, strategic planning, budgeting, permit process management, risk and design assessment, bidding, and community and stakeholder engagement services.


CSCG assists developers and architecture firms with their projects by providing a suite of civil/site engineering services. Whether it be housing, educational facilities, or commercial projects, we strive to bring a fresh, 21st century approach to your development project. Some of our services include survey, schematic design, utility coordination, stormwater management best practices, and construction management.  

Disaster Recovery

CSCG’s agility and project versatility allows us to respond in real time to natural disasters, locally or nationwide. Individual safety and well-being drives our organization's  long- and short-term recovery solutions, which include construction, reconstruction, coordination, response teams, research and project implementation, and selected site improvement. Our team’s collaborative emergency response process allows us to mesh services with other emergency response professionals effortlessly, so communities and their governmental agencies can recover more quickly.
Surveying Services 

Civil Solutions specializes in providing reliable underground and above-ground utility information to reduce the risks that utilities present for infrastructure projects. Our team helps clients manage the complexity of existing utilities with our professional and comprehensive subsurface utility engineering, utility coordination, and surveying services. In addition, we provide complete preliminary and final survey services for ALTA surveys, route surveys, and boundary surveys. 

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